More over 65s than ever are shopping online and on mobile.

Pause for a minute to consider how frequently you scroll the Internet in order to find the latest product or service that you are thinking about purchasing in the near future.

The National Office of Statistics revealing earlier this month that more than half (54%) of over 65-year-olds are shopping online.

The world of retail is changing — perhaps faster than at any time in history.

Why spend time and energy at a shopping center when you can buy a similar product with a few clicks? Consumers today have more places and ways to shop than ever.

Online shoppers today want four things after they click buy :





For me, I prefer shopping online to in-store, but that has more to do with sizing issues for me. I may be in petite sizes or regular sizes, and many stores don’t even sell my size, so shopping online offers me more options.

The biggest downside for me is making sure that all of the money is back on my account- it can be difficult sometimes. Also, if there’s one thing that sets physical stores apart from online, it must be knowledgeable shopping assistants. They can be priceless.

Do You Prefer to Shop Online — or In-Store?

Have you had any bad shopping experiences? What recent shopping experiences have surprised you, hopefully in a positive way?