Are you currently experiencing extreme tiredness?

Mental exhaustion is a common result of brain overactivity. This may leave you feeling stressed and irritated. You may also notice changes in your sleep habits.

If you are experiencing extreme tiredness, you want to address your exhaustion as early as possible.

Try these self – help tips to restore your energy levels:

1. Lower your stress levels and find the time to relax.

One of the biggest reasons for stress accumulation is the lack of time allocation to relieve it. Finding a spare few minutes to destress throughout the day can help balance your stress level. Give yourself time to relax every day of the week. Set a specific time of the day for relaxation.

2. Get moving.

 Start with a small amount of exercise – go for slow walks. Stretch for a few minutes. Whatever form of exercise you decide to do make sure you aren’t exerting yourself.  Exercising outside in the sun can boost your level of vitamin D.  Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood warding off depression. Vitamin D also helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. Remember, even a single 15- minute walk can give you an energy boost.

3.Revamp your diet.

Eat fresh foods, vegetables, and proteins. Throw in all the greens you can find, add nuts, bananas and berries and you will be getting a super amount of fiber each day without even noticing.

4. Cut out sugar & caffeine.

Take it easy on your blood sugar levels. Avoid refined sugar,  caffeine, and any other stimulants or drugs. No alcohol or smoking.

5. Reach out for help or get professional help.

Ask for help, tell your family member that you’re struggling. Let people in.

Focus on yourself and take a break. Spend time with your loved ones. Concentrate on what brings you happiness.  Live your life a bit peacefully and be kind to yourself.