Not many of us like those first grey hair, a sign of the inevitable. 

Most people begin to see signs of aging after fifty years old but to me, it’s all about the meaning we give to aging and those changes.

If you decide to focus on the negatives and times past, you’re certainly not going to enjoy your later life.

I know it sounds easier than done but you should try to knock back negative stereotypes associated with ageing and embrace your own future.

Say ‘yes’ to new opportunities.

So often we are afraid of life and we fear the worst, we fear failure and we often say ‘no’ and reject many of life’s brilliant chances.

Think upon it. What is the best that could happen?

Some great outcomes could be waiting on the other side of your fear!

We should focus on biological age & our psychological age which relate to how our body and mind feel. 

Remove yourself from the ageist attitudes. ‘I think young’ and I try not to allow myself to feel old.  I believe we are truly as old as we feel. I know that on most levels, the future looks promising. As we get older, we know more about the world and about ourselves. In my opinion there’s no time better than the present.

It might help to start planning your life and with a positive mindset.

Ask yourself :

  • What’s important for you?
  • What do you want from your future?
  • What relationships are important?

A ‘yes’ might be your option. Ask not why, but why not? The whole world can be your oyster.